Thrashed Metalcore from Munich


Since 2019, TEZURA have been impressing with their creative fusion of Metalcore and Thrash Metal, loaded with massive and heavy riffing, sophisticatedly arranged songs and catchy hooklines.


Fans of Sylosis, Trivium, and Bleed From Within will thoroughly enjoy what TEZURA have to offer.


The four musicians‘ musical roots, which lie with the well-known giants of the metal genre, are certainly recognizable. However, TEZURA go far beyond that and prove that the bridging to modern sounds works excellently – all within the framework of a contemporary production.

After several high-quality single releases, TEZURA now move on to the next level with their EP „The Silent Remain Forgotten,“ featuring a remarkably versatile yet cohesive array of five songs – their first major release. 

„The Silent Remain Forgotten“ – in a world that often overlooks those whose voices need to be heard most urgently, we must not forget that it is important to be loud, to express one’s opinion, and to stand up for what one needs.

The new EP deals with breaking out of established structures, the anger at one’s own inhibition caused by fears and uncertainties, and the struggle for and with the very own identity – themes that require aggressive and loud sounds. Ganz nach dem Motto: „The Silent Remain Forgotten“ 


Tezura have evolved very quickly to become a household name in the vivid metal scene of their hometown Munich.

No matter whether small club or huge venue: TEZURA’s live shows have been convincing with stunning power, precise instrumentation and uncompromising hardness, as countless headbangers and numerous mosh pits seem to prove. 

Their shows at Trafostation Open Air in Cologne in August 2023, as well as their performance at Schalldruck festival at legendary venue Backstage in Munich in October of the same year remain particular cornerstones in their career. 

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